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Offerings from Sound of Silence include high-quality, home recording-guaranteed solutions that properly meet the needs of noise reduction in enclosed environments. Additionally, one of our areas of competence is providing finished products that are specifically tailored to meet customer needs. Among the features are the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, which enables us to provide the best compatible acoustic curtain solutions; availability in a range of colours, sizes, and other specifications; high effectiveness as noise barriers and noise absorbers; and flexible, efficient, and cost-effective usage.

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Curtain

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Curtain

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Curtain solutions offered comprise quality assured solutions that perfectly matches up to the demands of cutting of noise filtering in the enclosed spaces. Further, our expertise also lies in offering customized end solutions as per the specific demands of the customers. Some of the features include support of experienced and knowledgeable professionals that allows us to provide best compatible acoustic curtain solutions; available in various colors, sizes and other specifications; offering high effectiveness as noise barriers and noise absorbers.; offering flexible, effective and economical usage.

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Treatment on Ceiling

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Treatment on Ceiling

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Treatment on Ceiling services offered comprise quality assured solutions that are offered in exact specification as per specific acoustic requirements of the customers. Further, the use of quality material for providing ceiling treatment also makes the offered solutions provide for lasting service performance. Some of its features include solutions support cutting down on reverberations; successfully handling the various challenges faced in the process of providing acoustic solutions; solutions based on providing right balance between flexibility and strength.

Home Recording Studio

Listed under is the details of the work performed by us at Ravi Iyers Studio

Target -

1. To enhance the quality of sound being recorded.

2. Isolate the sound from Windows and Doors.

3. To provide an aesthetic Appeal to the studio

4. To give better scope to play drums by controlling floor vibrations.

Work Performed-

1. Treated the existing door so that the sound transmission from the studio to corridor is constrained.

2. Created a platform so that the vibrations of the drums got controlled without affecting the quality of the music.

3. The room was treated using absorbing materials and deadners in combination to bring best acoustic results one can seek.

Achievements & Result

The above target was succesfully achieved. 


" I am very glad that I connected with "Sound Of Silence". Every little requirement was taken care of meticulously based on the working environment i currently own, as my focus was inclined towards recording miced instruments like percussion, acoustic drums, string or horn instruments etc. Thank you, "The Sound Of Silence" for your advice and following it up with practical solutions "

Ravi Iyer Acoustic Wall Treatment

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Wall Treatment services offered comprise quality end solutions that are handled by expert team of professionals who first conduct extensive inspection of the area and based on the conclusions offer quality solutions to perfectly match up with the desired acoustic wall treatment demands. Further, the team also ensures making use of best quality materials so as to meet the demands of lasting usage. Some of its features include continuously striving to provide best acoustic solutions; solutions developed to effectively handle issues of reverberations and other noise disturbances; ensuring proper acoustic results.

Ravi Iyer - Acoustic Platform for Drums


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