Acoustic Material

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Apagar Cladfill Acoustic Sealant

Price: 150 INR/Bottle

Sealing joints around door frames, between gypsum panels, around windows, general gap filling for internal purposes and sealing of fixtures and fittings.

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Apagar PU Sealant

Price: 455 INR/Piece

Apagar PU Sealant is a one component, high performance sealant based on Hybrid high performance sealant based on Hybrid Polyurethane Technology.

Product Image (whisperuv)

Soundproofing Foam

Price: 8921 INR/Piece

Swimming Pools, in-door games area, auditoriums, etc. : Construction noise barrier walls: Railways (Train) and Roadway barrier walls:

Product Image (Acoustic Pyramid Foam Black)

Acoustic Pyramid Foam Panel

Price: 50 INR/Square Foot

Acoustic foam can be attached to walls, ceilings, doors, and other features of a room to control noise levels, vibration, and echoes.

Product Image (sound-deadner-acoustic-noise-barrier-250x250)

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