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Based at Maharashtra (India), APAGAR is a brand well known as a Supplier, Trader, Wholesaler, Importer and Service Provider of Acoustic Materials, Door Safety Products, etc. Since our establishment back in the year 2015, we have received a huge success in the industry. Our product line consists Acoustic Solutions, Automatic Drop Down Door Seals, Auditorium Acoustics, Door Panic Bar, Door Safety Products, Acoustic Materials, Acoustics Soundproofing Solutions, etc. In addition to this, we also provide Acoustic- Noise Control Solutions and Passive Fire Solutions Services to our clients. We are backed by the rich industry expertise of our immensely talented workforce. As a client oriented organization, we focus on offering only quality assured products. We procure all acoustic partitions, fire systems and all our products from the reputed and most trustworthy vendors in the industry. Our product line offers solutions with various specifications to suit different market needs. Also we offer all these products like Acoustics Soundproofing Solutions, etc at a very affordable price range.
Our Work
APAGAR Acoustic Soundproof Door
Apagar is proud to offer the markets one the most affordable soundproof Acoustic Door. The Apagar Acoustic Door is a soundproof acoustic door with an STC of 30-50. Acoustic Door can be adapted to suit even the most demanding situations and reduce any noise level.
APAGAR FR Sealant - 2 hrs Fire Rated/Resistant
Apagar FR Sealant is a one-part flexible acrylic water based acoustic, fire rated sealant.
Soft dB Sound Masking System
Soft dB Sound masking is a specially tuned ambient background sound that targets the same frequency as human speech, reducing its intelligibility. Sound masking does not cancel sound, but it makes conversations heard at a distance more difficult to understand, and thus less likely to distract.
Acoustic Home Recording Studio
Acoustic treatment for recording Studio
Automatic Drop Down Glass Door Seals
CCE offers a wide range of products to fill the gaps below and around hinged glass doors. These models are easy to fix thanks to high-sealing double-sided tapes.
Home Theatre Room Acoustic Treatment
Enhance your sound system experience with our top-notch Acoustics and Soundproofing Treatment. Achieve optimal sound quality and minimize unwanted noise, ensuring an immersive audio environment. Discover how our specialized solutions can elevate your audio setup to new heights.
Acoustic Testing
Acoustic Testing of Commercial and Industrial places
AAPAGAR Siopi Foam- 25mm/50mm
The World Health Organisation has concluded that noise pollution is an environmental killer, second only to air pollution. Our hearing is an active sense, meaning that excessive noise can trigger stress responses in our bodies, impacting our physiological and mental health. Where conventional materials fail, APAGAR Siopi Foam is proven to be a robust, versatile and safe solution.
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