Auditorium Acoustics Treatment

Ascend International's Acoustic Treatment of the Auditorium Ascend International School is an organisation dedicated to giving its pupils the best care possible. They continually work to give their students the best resources possible in order to convey information, self-assurance, and training. The auditorium at the school had significant reverberations. This made it exceedingly difficult to converse with someone who was 5 feet away. The school saw the usage of the space for internal sporting events as a detriment to the high standards it upholds and sought an expedient solution.

Acoustic Floor Treatment

Acoustic Floor Treatment

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Acoustic Treatment of Auditorium - Ascend Internat

Acoustic Treatment of Auditorium - Ascend International

Ascend International School - An Institution believing in providing the best for their students. They continuously strive to provide best facilities for their students in order to impart knowledge, self confidence, and training. 

The school has an auditorium which had high levels of reverberations. This made talking with a person 5 feet away very difficult.

Since the room was also used for internal sport activities, the school perceived it as a hindrance to the high standards it mantains and wanted to rectify it on immediate basis. 

There were various challenges in the process of providing solution.

1. The ceiling was at a 35feet  height. It also has sprinklers, lights hanging from the top. Thus, keeping safety in mind and ensuring proper acoustic results, the installation of Panels was designed.

2. The beam in middle of the room and the steel ramp just above the stage was to be addressed to.

3. Noting that the children would be playing with the ball and there was a probability of bouncing high up, flexibilty with strength needed to be maintained.

4. Uniformity in design for aesthetic appeal was also required.

Achievement -

All the above concerns were addressed to. After completion of work, the same room where 2 people could not talk comfortably, an school event was carried out, where children sang in chorus in 3 different mikes at the same time.

The event was a huge success and highly appreciated by the management.

Though we are not authorised to share the video online, we can always try to arrange a site visit on request at Ascend International School.

Auditorium consultancy

Auditorium consultancy

Auditorium Acoustics

Acoustic Treatment of Auditorium

A well-designedauditorium with effective acoustic solutions can elevate the audience isexperience from ordinary to extraordinary. When the sound of silence isachieved, the audience can focus solely on the performance or presentation,without being distracted by background noise or echo.

Tounderstand acoustic solutions, one must first grasp the basics of acoustics thescience of sound. In the context of an auditorium, acoustics revolves aroundtwo primary factors: sound absorption and sound reflection.


1. SoundAbsorption: This is the process where certain materials and surfacesabsorption sound waves, preventing them from bouncing back into the room. Highlevels of sound absorption can help reduce echoes and background noise,enhancing speech clarity.


2. SoundReflection: This is the process where sound waves bounce off surfaces.While too much reflection can cause echo and distortion, a calculated level ofsound reflection is essential to distribute sound evenly throughout theauditorium.

Theharmony of sound absorption and sound reflection is at the heart of acousticsolutions for auditoriums. However, creating the right balance is a complexprocess that requires expertise, careful planning, and the use of the rightmaterials.


Acoustic solutionsfor auditoriums are not just about creating silence or reducing noise. They areabout sculpting the sound within the space, manipulating the naturalpropagation of sound to create an auditory experience that resonates with everymember of the audience. Whether it is a concert, a lecture, or a theaterperformance, the impact of the sound of silence, the art of sound absorption,and the power of sound reflection are paramount in creating a truly immersiveauditory experience.

Features :

  • Uniformity in design
  • Flexibility with strength
  • 35feet height
  • Sprinklers, lights hanging from the top.


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