Acoustic Consultancy

Through our partners, we offer consulting services in acoustics. Every room is different. Every place has a unique design. We are aware of how a room responds to different sizes and materials. Before we even start working on it, let's plan the area where it satisfies sound standards. Clients or architects will provide us with a drawing, the room's measurements, and the construction materials employed. Our partners will estimate the transmission loss, compute the estimated echo, and recommend correction measures in addition to items to be used.

Acoustic Consulting

We provide acoustic consultancy through our partners.

Every space is unique. Design in every space is Unique. We know how a room behaves with various materials and sizes.

Lets plan the space in which it meets sound criteria even before we begin working on it.

Clients/Architects will give us a drawing & dimensions of their room along with the materials  used to build the room. Our partners will calculate the estimated Echo, transmission loss and suggest corrective steps along with products to be incorporated.

Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Solutions

We provide solutions for Acoustic needs for Home Theaters, Auditoriums, Class Rooms, Radio Stations, Studios, Hoke Recording Rooms, Video Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Banquet Hall Partitions, Folding Partitions, Parking Partitions, etc.

Key areas considered

1) Absorption

2) Isolation

3) Diffusion


Our Clients Include


Johnson & Johnson


ACC Cement House

Mahapragya Public School

Holiday Inn

County Inn & Suits (Lotus Pond)

Press Play (Studio)

Ravi Iyer (Home Recording Studio)


and many more


Acoustic Consultancy

We have consulted many projects and provided solutions to Recording Rooms, Mixing Rooms, International School Auditoriums, Home recording Studios, etc


We have done work for NCPA, Ravi Iyer, Tejas, Johnson & Johnson, Ascend International School, and many more 


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