Acoustic Doors

We offer a variety of Acoustics Doors thanks to the assistance and hard work of our talented staff. We promise to deliver the best services in a timely manner, in accordance with your needs and desires. At prices that are competitive with the market, we provide all of the services of Acoustics on Existing Glass Doors - Garware Club.

Acoustical Indoor Sports Complex-Whisper Foam-Water Retardant & Fire Retardant

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Got a noise problem?

The World Health Organisation has concluded that noise pollution is an environmental killer, second only to air pollution. Our hearing is an active sense, meaning that excessive noise can trigger stress responses in our bodies, impacting our phyiological and mental health. Where conventional materials fail, stratocell whisper is proven to be a robust, versatile and safe solution.

Stratocell Whisper provides unaltered acoustic performance in challenging environments such as outdoors, wet and humid areas, dusty industrial areas and in road and rail applications.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of using Stratocel Whisper? 


  • Stratocell Whisper is a new way to absorb noise without some of the limitations of traditional lofted or fibrous materials.
  • Sound Absorption: Stratocell Whisper uses a networked perforated honeycomb like structure to attain an NRC=1.
  • Moisture Resistant: there is no need for a water barrier or protective film to ensure acoustic properties are maintained
  • Strong Structure: has a semi rigid structure that makes it easy to cut, handle and install on site.
  • Light Weight: with a weight of less than 1.5kg per square meter at 50mm it's up to half the weight of alternative materials.
  • Fiber Free/Washable: has no fibrous materials, low particle emissions, low VOC and is CFC free and zero ODP.
  • UV Resistant: Stratocell Whisper UV has surpassed 2000 hours in a QUV test and maintained it's acoustic properties. Whisper UV is rated as a self-extinguishing material to DIN 4102 Class B2.
  • Fire Retardant: Stratocell Whisper FR has achieved a Group 1-S result in the C/VM2 appendix A to ISO 9705:1993 as outlined in the New Zealand Building Code, and a Group 1 in the Australian NCC specification C1.10 to AS 9705-2003 as outlined in the Australian building code.
  • Transmission Loss: Stratocell Whisper 50mm has attained an Rw of 13.8 in ISO 717-1 tests.

Sliding Folding Doors

ound Of Silence has emerged as a notable Folding Partition exporter, supplier and trader since its inception over half a decade now. These partitions are sourced from leading vendors of the national and international marketplace. They construct easy-to-install, precision engineered and maintenance-free partitions using highest grade aluminum, stainless steel, PVC material and ultra-modern technologies, installed at their end. In order to provide an attractive segmentation to any closet, doorway, room and over-the-counter divider, Folding Partition offered by us is the exact choice. These are available in various shapes, sizes, dimensions and designs to match the specific requirements of clients. Our foresighted vision to deliver best-in-class and quality solutions for flexible spacing at reasonable rates has helped us assure a renowned place in the market.

Attractive Features
  • A glazed version of movable walls, constructed using highest grade aluminum for durability and optimum usage.
  • Lightweight, sturdy designed and beautifully finished to provide a rich appeal to the premise.
  • Outfitted with double PVC seal all round the edges to achieve and maintain high level acoustic integrity between adjacent areas.
  • Perfect visual divide and optimum soundproofing enables to segment and combine a particular space flexibly with ease and cost effectiveness.

Acoustic Wooden Doors

Acoustic Wooden Doors

APAGAR Acoustic Soundproof Door

Apagar is proud to offer the markets one the most affordable soundproof Acoustic Door. The Apagar Acoustic Door is a soundproof acoustic door with an STC of 30-50. Acoustic Door can be adapted to suit even the most demanding situations and reduce any noise level. Central to the success of any noise control treatment is the prevention of leakage or breakout of noise. One of the most common causes of noise leakage is the lack of soundproof doors, or poorly fabricated and fitting doors.

High quality perimeter seals assure long life and high field performance, even under constant use. The ball-bearing steel hinges lower and seal the door to the floor, Solid wood achieves the specified acoustic performance and provide quick and clean installation times.


The Apagar Acoustic Door Door is a perfect choice for applications in studios, home theaters, auditoriums, concert halls, control rooms, convention centers, conference rooms, engine test cells, music practice spaces, offices, machinery enclosures, broadcast facilities, mechanical equipment rooms, recording studios, secure areas, secure SCIF rooms and sound and noise testing facilities.


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