Acoustic Door Seals

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Automatic Drop Down Door Seal / Concealed Door Seal

Price: 995 INR/Piece

Automatic drop-down seal for doors is fitted to shut the gap between the door bottom and floor. Drop Down Sizes: 630 - 730 - 830 - 930 - 1030 - 1130 - 1230 mm Application: Hotels, Commercial & Residential buildings / Fire Door Manufacturing

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External Automatic drop down door Seal

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

Elegant and resistant, this product is created for external appli- cation on new or installed doors. It is available in different colors and with many different combinations of seals.

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Wood Door Bottom Seal

Price: 1081 INR/Piece

Automatic Drop Down Seals for doors are created to close the annoying gap between the door and the floor. Drop Down Length: 630 - 730 - 830 - 930 - 1030 - 1130 - 1230 mm

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Self Extinguishing Profile Drop Down Door Bottom Seals

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

Automatic Drop Down Plus Door Seals ASMP Small in its dimensions, this model is certified for 51dB by the IFT Rosenheim.

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Automatic door bottom for glass doors

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

Complete line of automatic door bottoms and elegant perimetral/meeting seals, dedicated to glass doors and walls. Essential to close the gaps under and around swing or sliding glass doors and walls and block air, dust, insects and noise.


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