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3d Acoustic Tiles

Product Image (Acousticsconsultancy)

APAGAR Acoustic Wedge Foam Panel- SET OF 10 PCS

Price: 5670 INR/Piece

Acoustic Wedge Foam Panel are specially made for special application wherein fire retardant and sound absorption characteristics are required. The foam has NRC (Noise Reduction Co-efficient) value of 0.95. This can be easily glued to other material such as non-woven fabric, Glass fibre, Sun mica, Gypsum sheet, Wall etc. by means of glue.

Product Image (APAGAR Diamond 3D Acoustic Panel-SETS OF 5PCS)

APAGAR Diamond 3D Acoustic Panel-SETS OF 5PCS

Price: 4868 INR/Piece

No binding agents Outstanding thermal insulation and sound absorption 100% recyclable Formaldehyde free Fire retardant (self-extinguishing) No toxic gas when burning acheives NRC upto 0.9.

Product Image (APAGAR Sugar Cube 3D)

APAGAR Sugar Cube 3D panel- SET OF 10 PCS

Price: 7080 INR/Piece

Sugar Cube acoustic panel are made with 100% polyester fiber for sound absorption & diffusion. It is blended with heat and no glues used in making of our polyester acoustic panel hence it is free from harmful chemicals. It is echo-friendly 100% recyclable, cost effective, fire retardant & possess long shelf life which is why our acoustic panels are widely used in schools, auditoriums, hospitals, offices, studios & home interiors etc.


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